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"The Democratic and Republican parties don't 'own' your vote, you do.
If you think independent, vote independent."
~ Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Evan Falchuk: Innovative Ideas, Pragmatic Answers.
It's about time. Join Us!

United Independent Party

United Independent Party

The Latest

Cape Cod Today features political columnist David Mittel's profile of Evan Falchuk and Massachusetts' new United Independent Party

"Where issues are complex Mr. Falchuk examines them unburdened by the hardened positions the major parties tend to fall into…Watch this movement. Its leaders are able and mean what they say." Read more >>

Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor, Releases Next Statewide Campaign Ad Focused on Rising Cost of Living

BOSTON – United Independent Party candidate for Governor of Massachusetts Evan Falchuk is running his second round of television and radio campaign ads beginning July 30. His next commercial spot is the second in his ongoing series of issue-specific television ads. In it, Falchuk focuses on the skyrocketing cost of living in Massachusetts that is harming so many families and businesses throughout the Commonwealth. Read More >>

My take on the Democratic and Republican primaries

The Massachusetts primary results are in. After millions of dollars of spending by the two major parties and their Super PACs to get people to vote, nearly 84% of people didn't. Perhaps it’s because there wasn’t anything exactly inspiring to vote for. Read More >>